Empower your business, together

Massively improve workplace productivity (and worker happiness) by replacing unnecessary emails, meetings and phone calls with team messaging, file sharing, task scheduling, online meetings and conferencing, all in one app, with deep integrations with core line of business apps.

App overload is creating workplace chaos

Disparate workplace apps intended to streamline workflow have sparked an app overload that’s undermining productivity and frustrating workers in businesses.

  • 70% say communications volume is a challenge to getting their work done.

  • More than two-thirds of workers say they waste up to 60 minutes at work navigating between apps; 68% of workers toggle between apps up to 10x an hour.

  • Many workers get so frustrated they’d rather do household chores: (53%) and pay bills (52%) than navigate between apps.

Workers seek one work platform to rule them all

To end the workplace chaos, 66% of workers want a single platform that integrates all of their communications.

  • They believe a unified platform would help them achieve a better workflow (67%), be more productive (65%) and help work feel less chaotic (62%)

  • Team messaging is growing quickly in popularity as the preferred “home base” for a single communications platform

  • Workers 45+ years old still prefer email (51%), but 25% say they find that emails disrupt their workday — the third most disruptive work activity after unscheduled meetings and phone calls. Workers 18–44 years old prefer team messaging (43%), and find it the least disruptive work activity

Accelerate business change across generations with team messaging & collaboration

A single, unified software tool such as RingCentral Meetings enables you to easily message, video chat, meetings and tasks together in one place, wherever you are located. Change the way your business works and break the cycle of app overload.

Instant Message or video chat with your team & customers

Have a question or want to discuss project details? Send a quick team message or easily start a video conference to share documents and presentations in real time with colleagues and clients around the world.

Share & collaborate on files

Get everyone on the same virtual page when you upload or drop files straight into the app. Your teams can find everything easily, add comments, and keep projects moving seamlessly.

Create & manage tasks

Help to keep projects on track with task and project management. It’s easy to create tasks and assign responsibilities and due dates, so you stay focused as a team and accomplish your goals with ease and precision.

Coordinate schedules, fast

You don’t have to leave the messaging app to check on team member availability. See who’s active and keep connected and coordinate your efforts without missing a beat, or a deadline. You can also synchronise your calendar with Microsoft Outlook®, iCal®, and Google Calendar™.

Get integrated with your essential apps

Whether you’re a marketer, project manager, developer, or in customer support and beyond, it works alongside your essential apps. Integrations streamline your workflows and add a level of convenience that energises your productivity.


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