Let our expert team assist you to identify, select and deploy the right Cloud Contact Centre for you

Great customer experience is a defining characteristic of all successful companies.  As with telephony, the technology driving innovation in customer experience is either moving to or, more likely, 'born' in the cloud.

Making sense of the many providers in the Cloud Contact Centre market and matching them to the specific needs of your business is challenge.

Tagoro has made it our mission to understand the tools and technologies in this space and fasttrack the process of companies looking to evaluate, source and adopt them.  

What is the value of a

Cloud Contact Centre solution?

Ring Central what is the value of cloud

Accelerate sales with outbound contact centre

How cloud-based contact centre technology could help your company's outbound activities:

  • Keep costs in sync with revenues, kickstart sales campaigns and measure results with insights and analytics. 

  • Connect agents before the customer answers so calls start more naturally. 

  • Manage call queues intuitively by automatically switching outbound agents to inbound calls as volumes spike, including prioritisation and skills-based routing

  • Access intelligent reports with ad hoc reporting, real-time dashboards and drill-down analyitics

Build customer loyalty with intelligent inbound routing

How cloud-based contact centre technology could help your customer's inbound experience:

  • Route every call to the right agent at the right time, while automatically sending customer information to the agent's desktop. 

  • Skills-based routing / proficiency weighting

  • Integrations with leading CRMs

  • Tightly integrated IVR and ACD

  • Multi-location and at-home agents

  • Inbound/Outbound call blending

  • Call recording

  • Unified queuing

  • Automatic callback

Natural communication: your customers' choice

While voice is still the preferred communication channel by customers, especially when a situation is complex, urgent or emotional, increasingly customers are turning to social channels, live chat, even SMS.

  • Use intelligent inbound voice routing to find the right agent, fast 

  • Listen for key events on social media, take personal conversation offline, quickly

  • Interact with customers and prospects through live chat on web and mobile devices

  • With an email system that's filtered and intelligently routed, customer requests can be filtered from submission to resolution, providing faster, more accurate responses and better agent productivity

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Why Use Tagoro For Acquiring Cloud Contact Centre Technology



Tagoro use market research, selection tools and experience of dozens of cloud contact centre providers. We input your requirements into our database to generate an insightful matrix of providers suited to your needs, reducing risk, saving you time and opening your eyes to the wider CCaaS provider market.



We pre-qualify our selections ahead of introductions to provider sales teams, and can manage the whole sales engagement and sourcing process for you. Having Tagoro alongside ensures sales pressure is minimised, provider responses are accurate and timely, and pricing market competitive.

Technical Help

Providers will have their own perspective on the best way to deliver and implement technology. Tagoro provides clients with the best resources and an independent eye. We act as technical advocates for what is in the client’s best interest and are laser-focussed on appropriate use cases for technology.