CashFlows transform customer experience and employee communications with cloud telephony and contact centre as a service 

The Challenge

UK Fintech, Cashflows - a market-leading innovator in payment solutions - were looking to enhance customer experience and business communications.

The project required input from many stakeholders. They needed a joined-up approach, seeking help defining needs, advice about the market and validation on the provider choices they needed to make.

Read on to understand how Tagoro helped them realise their ambitions.

Writing on Glass

What Clients Say

Tagoro worked with us to navigate the market in these areas, shortlisting service providers to address these requirements. Tagoro were able to bring their expertise and experience to give us detailed overviews of potential providers and the differences in technologies notably MPLS v SD-WAN, saving us time and enabling better decisions


Jonathan McCoy WD-40 Information Systems Director EIMEA

Health Shield deliver digital transformation to provide industry-leading customer experience

The Challenge

The organisation has experienced significant growth in recent years, both organically and through acquisition, with this trend expected to continue.
Naturally IT required further investment in order to meet this challenge. However, The Board also recognised that their systems were critical to maintaining and enhancing its position in the market, a foundational element of delivering outstanding customer service.