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Cloud hosting for every scenario

The move to cloud hosting can be challenging and nuanced. We should know. We’ve been helping customers adopt hosting providers for almost ten years.


We match the application or operation to the right provider with the most suitable service, by providing the best resources and an independent eye.


Customers and providers want a healthy relationship in practice. Tagoro are experienced matchmakers – you’ll know what you’re getting into and can feel confident in the provider decision whether managed hyper-scale cloud, virtual data centres, private cloud or co-location.


Use Tagoro for the market view, access to a fantastic portfolio of providers and experienced advocacy: the best execution venue for your business applications.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup as a Service

Having built and run these systems ourselves in the past, Tagoro have particular insight in the backup and DR arena.


We’ve used this knowledge to assess the global market, picking a shortlist of providers who are fit for any requirement or sphere of operation.


From on-premise backup to protection of cloud environments such as Office365, Tagoro have providers to suit. DRaaS takes it a step further, allowing companies to keep near real-time copies of systems in cloud environments, permitting test and recovery as needed.


Whether it’s a first step or you’re looking to augment a cloud environment with DRaaS or BaaS, Tagoro are your go to partner.  

Security for the as a Service Age

Cloud services provide benefits as well as risks. SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, the risk scenario could be different for each.


Systems on premise, an ever more mobile workforce and devices of every kind wanting internet access, all increase the complexity of protecting company and customer data too. Combined with ever-more sophisticated threats and compliance / legal requirements and companies of all sizes need expert assistance.


Tagoro’s applied the same cloud market research and execution support to the security space. We can help you make sense of the market; our providers help you to make sense of the security landscape.

A starting point may be a holistic consultation, managed security testing or a requirement to protect email. It can soon grow to threat detection and response, SIEM services, digital forensics and incident response.

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