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We've been established in the as-a-service age to be your partner when looking to make the switch to as-a-service platforms.


Our mission is to lighten your load, broaden your perspective and remove the hard sell. We are a natural extension of your team, offering assistance, ingenuity and clarity in an increasingly diverse and confusing market.

An extensive network of specialists in many business sectors, we can help you make sense of a transition, and realise the full potential of technologies that can have a genuine impact on customer experience and your company's success.

The Tagoro Team

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Dave Ashton


Our Associates

Tagoro is naturally very familiar with the service provider market. We have extensive experience in a number of industries too, from finance, insurance, legal and non-profit, to manufacturing, retail, medical and online.


We are proud and happy to have built an associate network whom we trust and who trust us. They can be relied upon to add support in these industries when required. Typically they are people who have been 'in the seat', that is former CIOs and senior IT leaders who have done the job and know a particular industry well.  

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Tagoro Consulting Limited

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Office Address:

Tagoro Consulting Limited

917 Yeovil Rd, Slough SL1 4JG

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